PulmoTech is fortunate to have a motivated team consisting of (biomedical) engineers, with the goal to develop an innovative system that is able to support critically ill patients on mechanical ventilation. Our team is supported by Wellinq Medical (technology partner), Applied Biosignals (software partner), MD Project, Avania Clinical and Matrix Requirements.

Rutger Flink


Rutger has worked within critical care environments as a Biomedical Engineer for over 9 years. With his goal to improve the treatment and quality of lives of the critically ill, Rutger has founded PulmoTech. Having a background in project management and QA/RA roles within medical device companies, Rutger oversees all activities within PulmoTech.

Niels van Rheenen


Biomedical engineer with 8 years of expertise in medical product design and production. Passionate about optimizing medical manufacturing processes for quality and efficiency to enhance production outcomes.

Rik Schaart

R&D Manager

Rik is a graduated Biomedical Engineer who has joined PulmoTech during his graduate internship. He is responsible for the compliance of the catheter and all related documentation within the applicable (medical) regulations to successfully gain market access by the Notified Body (CE certification) and FDA (510k approval).

Emma Tilma – van Til

QA/RA Officer

Emma has 9 years of experience in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs within the medical device industry, including global registrations. She is responsible for compliance and product registration within PulmoTech.

Rick Boerma

Production Manager / Operations Manager

Rick is an electrical engineer with a special focus on medical device development. As Production Manager, he’s responsible for the validation of the test set-ups and the commercial outroll of the production line. This also involves the training of all personnel involved on the production line. As Operations Manager he is responsible for managing all incoming materials and the operational management of our suppliers.

Hans von Pfuhlstein

Strategic advisor

As former Chief Strategic Officer of Hamilton Medical, Hans has extensive know-how of the mechanical ventilation market. This know-how is of great value for the go-to-market strategy of PulmoTech.

Mihajlo Milenkovic

Strategic Advisor

Mihajlo is an experienced innovation management consultant with a financial background.